I have a very selfish reason for doing what I do in the struggle for Animal Liberation. The simple fact is that I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t. No lofty altruism. Not a scintilla of concern for a fat and sick human race that needs to be vegan. Not a shred of concern for humanity. My motivation is purely selfish.

And I think it’s a good idea from time to time to hold a mirror up to ourselves and take an honest inventory. Because, aside from the dedicated and committed few who are in the trenches day in and day out, all around me, I see a wholesale betrayal of the animals… egos, personalities, gossip, bullying, donations, headlines, accolades… all the things that take precedence for many… and the ugly and unflattering truth is that while we’re all engaged in this nonsense, the animals keep dying horrific deaths. And we’re having potlucks and conferences to celebrate. And the vivisectors and institutional abusers only need to sit back and watch while they snack on popcorn.

Well, I hope they’re paying close attention. Because I have these aberrational pieces of scum squarely in my sights. And they’re about to choke on a few kernals.

There are far too few individuals in our community who will identify drama and turn away from it. It is not so easy to do when you are at the center of the bullying, lies, and slander. But it is necessary. There’s only one truth that matters in my world. If I am fighting for myself, then I am not fighting for the animals. So there’s really no other option than to focus and walk through the fire. And it’s taken me a lot of growing pains and evolution to get to this point. And now from where I stand, all I see are a bunch of pathetic individuals sloshing around in a cesspool of ego-driven toxicity. Maybe it’s time we all pulled ourselves out for the sake of the animals. Or just drown in your own filth and do everyone a favor. The victims entombed in a manmade hell can’t afford our distractions.

I’m not afraid of bars. I’m not afraid of cowards and bullies. I’m not afraid of gossip. But I am terrified of letting the animals down. I am terrified of missing an opportunity to identify, expose, and hold a vivisector accountable. And that is why my focus will not be diverted.

And now I am truly disgusted by those who are intent to perpetuate drama and distractions, putting their own egos and interests, their own petty issues above raging against a holocaust. I’m sickened by those who sit back indignantly as if their petty hurt feelings or reputations even remotely compare to the the animals being injected, blinded, drugged, caged, mutilated, poisoned, burned, being given organ failure, brain damage, having strokes and heart attacks, their deteriorated little bodies being incinerated after every mercenary blood-stained cent has been extracted from their misery… and that’s only inside the University of Florida. Those are the only individuals who deserve all of our undivided attention. And I owe them mine.

Because vivisectors need to be stopped… by any means necessary!

The infrastructure needs to be compromised piece by piece. This is the only manner in which we can shut down their assembly lines of death. And this is the only way in which we can save all the animals. I have many plans in motion with the sole intent of working toward doing just this. I look forward to them coming to fruition with or without anyone’s approval or assistance. If I have my way about it — and I will — I want vivisectors across the country scrambling to change laws and running for cover from activists that are focused on eliminating them… no fear… no mercy… no apologies… this is the “movement” of which I want to be a part.

I was told over the weekend that “a number of people in our movement provoke hostility among their peers, but none to the extent that you have.” Sounds like their problem, not mine. And, yet, I couldn’t care less about my detractors. They have no power over me. No one is that important in my world that they live in my head… except maybe vivisectors. So I guess my point is that to everyone who is focused on me or anything else other than the animals, you have lost your way.

Let us never call ourselves activists unless we remain focused on the animals  and all of our energies are devoted to taking on their struggle.

Anything less is a betrayal of the animals.

Camille Marino